Agape-Life puts the right people in place to help you effectively Launch & Market-Access your MedTech / HealthTech Product with Speed and Quality while abiding with Regulatory Compliance.

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Agape–Life’s dedication, experience and vast network connection of MedTech experts and KOLs enable them to consistently organize a super high-caliber program.

Jon L. Managing Director at Lychee Group, USA & China
[> 23+ Years MedTech & BioPharma Event Industry]


The Right Plan

We help develop a strategic plan of action that takes into account your company goals, the current regulatory requirements, possible challenges, and sets a clear deadline for release.

The Right People

Put together a talented team of individuals who are each experts in their fields. These team members will work with you throughout the length of the project so that you have fast access to information and are constantly updated.

The Right Time

Achieve your goals in a timely and effective manner. Agape-Life will help you stay ahead of your competitors and achieve good brand reputation.
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"The depth of Agape-Life's knowledge, extensive skills and personalized service provided valuable assistance that ensured successful completion of the project requirements."
Dr. Nadina J.
President at NCJ
Strategies Inc, USA
[> 30+ Years BioPharma & MedTech Industry]
“I wholeheartedly recommend Agape-Life to any MedTech company or MedTech investor who wishes to establish a global footprint in device regulatory, clinical and marketing discipline in the MedTech industry”
Dominic Y.
Associate at HK Med Dev
Services LLC, Hong Kong,
China & Canada
[> 40+ Years MedTech Industry]
“If you are looking for a reliable, honest, experienced and wise organization for the regulation consultancy in the territory of China, you can always count on Agape-Life!”
Tahsin O.N.
General Manager at C-H
Medical, China & EU
[> 25+ Years MedTech Industry]
“Agape-Life is a dedicated MedTech CRO with the highest level of expertise in both clinical trial & product registration; it is also a trusted partner to our R&D team.”
Dr. Annie Y.
Ex Vice President at
Johnson & Johnson, China
[> 23+ Years MedTech Industry]


Registering a new MedTech / HealthTech Product in the Asian Market is a complicated and drawn out process that can lead to a lot of frustration.

The Agape-Life Product Launch Strategy help companies wade through the complicated approval process so that they can get to market quickly in a cost-effective manner.

We know how frustrating it can be to try to get a MedTech / HealthTech product registered in a country and have helped successfully register over > 6,180 products collectively in Asia Pacific markets.

When you have an effective strategy in place you get to market quickly, achieve a good brand reputation within the country, get the full reimbursement, and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Regulatory & Quality Compliance

Our team works to create an effective regulatory strategy that combines your goals, the current regulatory environment in the region, and thorough market assessment of the country.

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Clinical Trial Management

We have the experienced associates that can make the difference in the success of your study, including medical device data management, medical device trial design, and medical device biostatistics.

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Reimbursement & Health Care Economic / Pricing

We create a strategic reimbursement plan from the due diligence to address any barriers identified and guide execution.

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Market Access and Distributor Search / Due Dilligence

Our strong local networks and know how of the marketplace allow us to select the right business model and design your go-to market strategy.

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Intellectual Property Management

Our seasoned IP lawyers and experts assist you in managing your IP Assets to yield optimum results and increase your market value.

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Medical Education & Training

Our seasoned medical trainer provide world-class advancing medical knowledge & life-long learning program to improve patient's care.

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R&D and Contract Manufacturing

Agape-Life Ecosystem support transferring concepts / ideas → prototype → product R&D process → commercialization.

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