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Regulatory and Quality Compliance

MedTech & Healthcare Product Regulatory Compliance is constantly changing. Many companies find it hard to stay on top of these changes which hinders their ability to get to market quickly.

At Agape-Life we have experience with regulatory bodies in over 18 Asia + (US, EU) countries.

The MedTech & Healthcare Product regulatory process can be efficient and smooth when you work with experienced strategic consultants.

Our international team works with you to create an effective market-regulatory strategy that combines your goals, the current regulatory environment in the region, and thorough market assessment of the country.


What we can help you with:

  • Regulatory Strategy & Intelligence Report.
  • Clinical Evaluation Report (CER).
  • Regulatory Operation (Product Registration, Local Representative & Import Services).
  • Quality System Compliance (QMS installation - Software, ISO13485, EU-MDR, MDSAP Audits & Gap Analysis).
  • UDI & Implementation.

Clinical Trial Management (CRO)

MedTech & Healthcare Product Trial Designs and Operations require thoughtful planning and execution to ensure the acquisition of sound scientific evidence.

We provide a full-serviced MedTech & Healthcare CRO in clinical trial management along with Clinical Evaluation Report crafting and creation for Asia (18 countries).

Our collaborative approach, comprehensive planning, creative problem solving, and experienced consultants can save you time and money during the operational phase of your project.

We have the experienced associates that can make the difference in the success of your study, including data management, human clinical trial design, pre-clinical trial design (animal study) and biostatistics. We fully utilize AI software for digital clinical study to enhance effective results.

We tailor data management services to your specific needs, creating a flexible and customized solution. Because our staff have vast and deep experience across many clinical trials, we quickly pinpoint areas for improvement, identify unusual findings in the data, and work with you to anticipate and overcome challenges.

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What we can help you with:

  • Human Clinical Study Strategy and Management (From Phase I to IV & PMS).
  • Clinical Protocol & Medical Writing / Translation to In-country Language.
  • Clinical Evaluation Report (CER).
  • Pre-Clinical Animal Study & Design.
  • Real World Evidence Study Design & Management.
  • De-centralize Clinical Study with Remote Monitoring Software (EDC, CRM, AI Combine etc).

R&D and Contract Manufacturing

The MedTech & Healthcare Industry is in a constant state of change and growth with ongoing technical advancements and the development of improved MedTech & Healthcare Products.

To face these major changes in trends and to enhance the efficiency of operations, it is imperative that MedTech & Healthcare companies create effective R&D process and the support of a good Contract Manufacturers.

Our customized contract manufacturing solutions reflect the newest market trends, key challenges, and untapped avenues across the medical industry.

With our >20 years’ experience in the medical industry and combined with our vast network of MedTech & Healthcare veterans located throughout the 18 major cities in Asia, we are able to identify competent regulatory compliant ISO13485 contract manufacturers for your Research & Development pathways.

Our goal is to help you develop high quality medical products in the most cost efficient and effective way.


What we can help you with:

  • Define & Implement Product Development Process (PDP) for Asia Markets.
  • Incubation: Develop & Transform Concept into a Prototype.
  • Acceleration: Transform your Prototype into Product & Commercialization.
  • Sourcing for contract manufacturer in Asia.
  • Advisory Consulting on Product Development Process.

Market Access and Distributor Search / Due Diligence

The MedTech & Healthcare Industry is in a constant state of change and growth with ongoing technical advancements and the development of improved MedTech & Healthcare Products.

To face these major changes in trends and to enhance the efficiency of operations, it is imperative that MedTech & Healthcare companies create effective market intelligence solutions.

It can be a challenge to find a qualified, trustworthy Asian medical distributor. It is crucial to know the right questions to ask and conduct extensive research to ensure due diligence.

Our customised MedTech & Healthcare product solutions reflect the newest market trends, key challenges, and untapped avenues across the MedTech & healthcare industry. With our experience in industry analysis and vast network of medical veterans located throughout 18 major cities in Asia, we can offer you Market Intelligence & Go-To-Market Solutions that will help you focus on innovating offers and identify growth opportunities.

Business Analysis Strategy Management Development Graphic Word

What we can help you with:

  • Market Access Pathway Research & Implementation.
  • Market Intelligence & Strategy.
  • Market Opportunity Assessment.
  • Distribution (Search, Evaluation, Audit & Due Diligence).
  • Buyers Channels & Mapping.

Medical Education and Training

Continuing education in the medical community is “the Hallmark of Adult Education”.

With accelerating advances in today’s technology, it is key that Health Care Practitioners (HCP) are regularly kept up with new techniques and technologies to expand their knowledge and skills, to provide high quality patient care.

Our educational program enables companies to build a structured and systematic approach to put in place an effective education program as a continuum of education to achieve the breadth and depth of the trained footprint goals.

Our program is built on the context of a medical education service partner where in today’s healthcare environment is met with tremendous challenges in increasing demand, higher expectations on compliance quality and professional execution along with limited resources.

Companies could have invested significantly in education as it is a cornerstone of success in a company’s development, while there are significant gaps in the understanding and execution of the programs.


What we can help you with:

  • Custom Build a Medical Education Platform for your Healthcare Practitioners (HCP).
  • Develop Software to Track the Outcomes Training Effectiveness of Your Customer/HCP.
  • Plan/Execute Training Program.
  • Provide Qualified Trainer/s to Support your Training Program (in all MedTech or Healthcare Fields).

Reimbursement and Healthcare Economic / Pricing

We provide personalized reimbursement services by determining the product-specific coverage, coding, and payment requirements necessary for:

Clinical trial reimbursement, market access, and market sustainability and executing to fulfil those requirements.

Our team compares your business plan to your reimbursement status and identifies the business implications. We base this on a deep analysis of the coding, technology assessment and coverage related to the product.

We then create a strategic reimbursement plan from the due diligence to address any barriers identified and guide execution. Business-process integration ensures the lowest cost of implementation.

We spend time in researching the right pricing for you before launching your product in the Asia market. This ensures your optimal economical returns.

Healthcare finance account report tablet pc stethoscope

What we can help you with:

  • Reimbursement Due Diligence.
  • Strategic Reimbursement Planning.
  • Negotiation & Advocacy with Reimbursement Agency.
  • Healthcare Economic Evaluation.
  • Finding the Right Product Pricing to Launch into the Market.
  • Advisory Consulting.

Intellectual Property Management

In a knowledge-based economy, the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) is of utmost importance.

A company’s Intellectual Property is one of the most valuable assets for creating and sustaining enterprise competitiveness.

Thorough IP management is essential to prevent “free riding” from other competitors and to provide strategic opportunities for growth and global competition — category-leading products, enhanced market share and high margins.

Our team of seasoned IP lawyers and experts can review your current IP assets to help develop an effective management strategy that protects current assets, leverages assets to increase market value, and avoid IP rights infringement in the 18 major cities in Asia.


What we can help you with:

  • IP Management (Create, Protect & Manage).
  • Avoid Infringement IP Rights.
  • Establish Exclusive Rights to Commercialisation on Specific Technology.
  • Advisory Consulting.